Woven Backpack

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Men's Bag 

Type: Backpack 

Material: PU Leather 

Bag Dimension : 
Black - 31cm x 38cm x 14cm 
Blue - 31cm x 38cm x 14cm

General Guide of Measurements

A4 Paper Size (21x29cm)

IPad Mini (20cm x 13.5cm)
IPad (30.5cm x 25.1cm) 

The general measurements for normal laptops are as follows:

12" PC Laptops: 28.6cm x 22.9cm x 2.5cm (approx.)
13" ⁄ 13.3" PC Laptops: 31.3cm x 22.5cm x 3.5cm (approx.)
14" PC Laptops: 31.4cm x 25cm x 3.5cm (approx.)
15" ⁄ 15.4" PC Laptops: 33.2cm x 27cm x 3.2cm (approx.)
17" PC Laptops: 40.5cm x 28cm x 4.3cm (approx.)

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